The holiday season is filled with friends, family, warmth – and most importantly, gratitude.

Many of us are fortunate to be surrounded by loved ones and warmth, and are left thinking about ways that we can help others less fortunate, in our own communities and beyond.

One of the simplest ways to give back is to make a charitable donation to a good cause.

That’s why, in lieu of a traditional gift, we will be making charitable contributions to three selected arts-based organizations, both local and national.

All you have to do is select one of the below charities. We will then donate $1.00 to the charity of your choice. We hope you enjoy being part of our holiday giveback and we wish you a very happy, healthy holiday season! 


Meet the Charities

National Organization

What do they do?

More than a 500,000 pounds of crayons are discarded every year. The Crayon Initiative collects donated crayons from restaurants, schools and homes across the country, then re-manufactures them.

The recycled crayons are distributed to art programs at children’s hospitals across the U.S., brightening the lives of young patients during their stay.

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Local Organization

What do they do?

Donations support the Hope & Healing Juried Art Show for high school and college students, an annual event promoting the connection between art and healing.

Student art is juried and showcased in a local Lehigh Valley gallery, then provided for placement in hospitals and healthcare facilities, free of charge, to inspire hope and healing to those who need it most.

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National Organization

What do they do?

Dreaming Zebra is a widely recognized non-profit that focuses on encouraging children worldwide to express themselves creatively and follow their artistic dreams.

They provide children an equal opportunity to explore their creativity. Donations help to provide art and music supplies to underprivileged children throughout the world.

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We encourage you to share this page with your friends and family to continue the giveback!