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DAY Vision Marketing is in search of a creative chameleon who can adapt to any business or brand for an open Visual Designer position.

Visual Designers at DAY Vision work on projects for clients in the aviation, entertainment, education, hospitality industries and more. DAY Vision Marketing has been providing creative services since 2002. We are looking for multifaceted, collaborative designers to join our team and work on everything from website design to strategic marketing. This is an opportunity to develop your creative passion!


What we are looking for:

  • Strong conceptual thinking. Designers are expected to not just flawlessly execute teammates’ ideas but also be a part of the initial creative process.
  • A healthy design background and an intimate knowledge of industry tools.
  • The ability to both work autonomously and as part of a team.
  • Strong leadership skills. Our designers have the opportunity to come up with great ideas to see them through to the finish.
  • The ability to prioritize your tasks as well as jump from one project to the next without missing a beat.




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